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Neptune is the MLOps stack component for experiment tracking. It offers a single place to log, compare, store, and collaborate on experiments and models.

  • Navigating the docs

    Tab         Contents
    Home Introduction, changelogs, and resources. You'll also find information about the legacy API here.
    Getting started Everything related to installation, setup, and getting started with Neptune.
    Using Neptune Once you're all set up, in this section you'll find explanations and tips for getting the most out of Neptune. Look here for what kinds of metadata you can log and display.
    Integrations Detailed guides on using Neptune together with supported libraries, tools, and environments. Neptune integrates directly with several popular ML frameworks.
    Use cases Practical tutorials for ML use cases.
    API API reference material and everything you need to know about our client library. Includes Neptune CLI usage instructions.
    Management User access, collaboration, and workspace and project management.
    On-prem Information about the on-premises version of Neptune, including installation instructions and FAQ.
    Help If you're facing problems or have questions, we're here to help.

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