Deploying Neptune on your server (on-premises)
Neptune can be deployed on-premises: your own infrastructure or your private cloud.
Check our pricing page for more details and request a free 30 day on-prem trial of the Team version of Neptune.
If you are interested in the Enterprise version contact us.

On-premises deployment guide

To see how it works in detail read our Neptune installation guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you use SaaS or an on-premises version?

Teams usually want to deploy Neptune on-premises when:
  • they deal with very sensitive data: typically banking, pharma, medical industry
  • it is their company policy - we use everything on-prem
  • they cannot risk losing intellectual property (IP) - mostly startups working on cutting-edge research

How can I deploy Neptune?

Neptune can be deployed either as:
  • A Kubernetes Cluster
  • A VM that runs a Kubernetes Cluster under the hood
For more information, read On-premises deployment guide.

Where can I deploy Neptune?

You can deploy Neptune on:
  • your local infrastructure
  • your private cloud
Remember that you can always install neptune-client to use the SaaS version of Neptune.