Workspace types

A workspace is a way to centrally manage projects, users, and subscriptions.

Neptune has two workspace types: individual and team.


  • Each user is assigned an individual workspace with their username as the workspace name.

  • The user is the only member of this workspace but may invite collaborators to projects.

  • The user can create an unlimited number of projects in their individual workspace.


  • A team workspace comes in handy when an entire team needs to be managed centrally.

  • You can try team workspace for free, for details check our pricing page.

  • Team workspace can be managed by the workspace Admin. The admin can manage users and subscription settings.

  • Only users who joined team workspace can browse its content, subject to the assigned role in the workspace or project.

Learn more about project types and user roles.

Create workspace

There are two types of workspaces in Neptune, individual and team:

Invite users to workspace

After you have created a workspace, you can invite members to join it:

  • Only a workspace Admin can invite new users to a workspace.

  • In the case of a team workspace, as soon as a user is added, s(he) is listed automatically.

  • In the case of an individual workspace, users are explicitly invited and have to accept the invitation before they are added. Those users can leave the Projects that they joined at any time.

  • Only workspace members can be added to Projects in team workspaces.

Note You can only collaborate on your private projects in a Team workspace. Try Team workspace for 14 days for free.

Read how to set up a team workspace.

Step 1

Click the name of the current workspace on the top bar.

Finding settings tab for the project

Step 2

In the panel that appears, click the People tab.

  • The tab displays the list of users who already belong to the workspace or whose membership is pending.

  • Above the list is a field in which you can type an email or username of people you want to invite. Neptune identifies names and emails for people who already have an account.

Step 3

Inviting users to workspace in the People tab of the Neptune UI

Choose a name, set a role (Admin or Member), and click Invite.

The users you invite will be invited via email to join your workspace (in case of already registered users, through an in-app notification). Until they join, their status is marked as “Pending invitation”.

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