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API reference#

The API reference contains detailed information about everything to do with the Neptune client library (neptune-client ).

  • Modules: Reference for the global neptune object and the management module.
  • Classes: The methods and parameters available for the Run, Model, MovelVersion, and Project objects.
  • Universal methods and parameters: Special reference for methods and parameters that are common to all Neptune objects.
  • Integrations: Classes and methods specific to integrations with other ML frameworks – for example, NeptuneCallback and its usage.

General reference pages#

  • Field types: Complete reference of the field types you can create for storing your metadata and their associated methods.
  • Connection modes: In the default asynchronous mode, Neptune first stores logged metadata locally and periodically synchronizes data with the servers. You can also use Neptune in other modes, for example, for debugging and testing purposes.
  • Environment variables: Description and usage of the Neptune environment variables you can set to improve your workflow.
  • System namespace: Overview of the built-in "sys" namespace and how you can use its fields.
  • Neptune CLI: How to use the Neptune command-line interface tool to manually manage data synchronization – for example, in case the connection to the Neptune servers is lost during logging.