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API reference#

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Neptune client library#

The Neptune Python API has the following structure:

  • Packages:
    • neptune: Initialization functions for each type of Neptune object.
    • management: Functions for managing users and project contents.
  • Modules:
    • utils: Utility functions for advanced use.
  • Classes (Neptune objects):
    • Run: Designed to log experimentation metadata. Automatically tracks some metadata once initialized.
    • Model: Enables tracking of model metadata separately from experimentation runs.
    • ModelVersion: Represents a specific version of a model and has a lifecycle stage.
    • Project: Exposes fetching methods for run and model tables.

      Also useful for storing metadata that applies to the entire project, as a single source of truth.

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API references for Neptune integrations with other ML frameworks:

Errors, warnings, and other messages#

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