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API reference: Kedro integration#

You can use the Kedro-Neptune plugin to log metadata about the Kedro pipeline execution to Neptune.


Logging configuration#

You can configure where and how Kedro pipeline metadata is logged by editing the parameters in the conf/base/neptune.yml file.

Options Parameter       Default       Description
neptune project $NEPTUNE_PROJECT Name of the Neptune project where metadata is stored.

If you haven't set the $NEPTUNE_PROJECT environment variable, you can replace it with the full name of your Neptune project (workspace-name/project-name).

base_namespace kedro Base namespace (folder) where your metadata will be logged.
upload_source_files - List of files you want to upload to Neptune.


  base_namespace: kedro
  enabled: true

  - '**/*.py'
  - 'conf/base/*.yml'

Configuring Neptune API token#

You can configure where the Kedro-Neptune plugin will look for your Neptune API token in the conf/local/credentials_neptune.yml file:

  api_token: $NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN

You can:

  • leave it empty, in which case Neptune will look for your token in the $NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN environment variable.


    There must be a dollar sign ($) before the variable name.

  • pass a different environment variable, such as $MY_SPECIAL_NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN_VARIABLE.

  • pass your token as a string, such as eyJhcGlfYWRk...Imh0dHBzOi8v (not recommended).
How do I find my API token?

In the bottom-left corner of the Neptune app, expand the user menu and select Get your API token.

You can copy your token from the dialog that opens. It's very long – make sure to copy and paste it in full!

kedro neptune#

CLI command for initializing the Kedro-Neptune plugin.

You can monitor, visualize, and compare your pipelines and node outputs in the Neptune app.


You can only use the kedro neptune command in the Kedro project folder.

Command syntax: kedro neptune [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS...]

Options Description
--help Shows CLI usage: options, commands and their arguments.

kedro neptune init#

Initializes the plugin and configures Neptune credentials and logging options.

After executing this command, whenever you execute kedro run, you will log:

  • Parameters
  • Pipeline execution configuration (run_params)
  • Metadata about Kedro DataSet
  • Hardware consumption and node execution time
  • Configuration files from the conf/base directory
  • Full Kedro run command
  • Any additional metadata like metrics, charts, or images that you logged from inside of your node functions.


Name       Type Default        Description
api-token str, optional $NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN User's Neptune API token, or the name of the environment variable where it is stored. You can find your API token in the user menu, in the bottom-left corner of the app.
project str, optional $NEPTUNE_PROJECT Neptune project name, or the name of the environment variable where it is stored. You can find and copy your project name in the app, in the top-right corner: Edit project details.
base-namespace str, optional experiment Namespace in Neptune where all the Kedro-related metadata is logged.
config str, optional base Name of the subdirectory inside of the Kedro conf directory for configuration and catalog files.


kedro neptune init
kedro neptune init \
    --api-token $NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN \
    --project common/kedro-integration


NeptuneFileDataSet is a Kedro Data Set that lets you log files to Neptune.

It can be any file on the POSIX compatible filesystem.

To log it, you need to define the NeptuneFileDataSet in any Kedro catalog, including catalog.yml.


Name     Type Description
filepath str In POSIX format, filepath to a text file prefixed with a protocol, such as s3://. Same as for Kedro TextDataset.
credentials dict, optional Credentials required to access the underlying filesystem. Same as for Kedro TextDataset.
fs_args dict, optional Extra arguments to pass to underlying filesystem class constructor. Same as for Kedro TextDataset.


  type: kedro.extras.datasets.json.JSONDataSet
  filepath: data/07_model_output/predictions.json

  type: kedro_neptune.NeptuneFileDataSet
  filepath: data/07_model_output/predictions.json

See also

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