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neptune status: Checking synchronization status#

To check the status of synchronized and unsynchronized objects (runs, models, and model versions), you can list them with the neptune status CLI command.

Command syntax: neptune status [OPTION] [ARGUMENT]

List synchronized and unsynchronized objects in the given directory.

Trashed objects are not listed.

Options Description
--path <location> Path to a directory containing a .neptune folder.
--help Show command usage and exits.

List unsynchronized runs in the current directory:

neptune status

List unsynchronized runs in the given path:

neptune status --path PATH_TO_DIRECTORY

Access status command help and examples:

neptune status --help

neptune-notebooks incompatibility

Currently, the command does not work together with the Neptune-Jupyter extension (neptune-notebooks).

Until a fix is released, if you have neptune-notebooks installed, you must uninstall it to be able to use the neptune status command.