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neptune sync: Synchronizing data with Neptune servers#

If there are objects with data that have not been sent to the Neptune server, you can upload the offline data manually with the neptune sync CLI command.

Command syntax: neptune sync [OPTIONS...] [ARGUMENTS...]

Options             Description
--path <location> Path to a directory containing a .neptune folder.
--object <object> Object name (workspace/project/identifier or UUID for offline runs) to synchronize.
-p, --project <project-name> Project name (workspace-name/project-name) to which objects created in the offline mode should be added.
--offline-only Synchronize only the offline runs.
--help Show command usage and exits.
Deprecated --run option

The --run flag has been changed to --object and is no longer available as of neptune 1.0.

For runs created in offline mode, you need to specify the project where the data should be uploaded. You can set the project name either it with the --project flag, or by saving it to the NEPTUNE_PROJECT environment variable.


Synchronize all runs in the current directory:

neptune sync

Synchronize all runs in the given path:

neptune sync --path PATH_TO_DIRECTORY

Synchronize only runs SAN-42 and SAN-43 with project "jackie/sandbox":

neptune sync --object jackie/sandbox/SAN-42 --object jackie/sandbox/SAN-43

Synchronize all runs in the current directory, sending offline runs to the project "jackie/sandbox":

neptune sync -p jackie/sandbox

Synchronize only the offline runs:

neptune sync --offline-only

Synchronize only the offline runs with project "jackie/sandbox"

neptune sync --project jackie/sandbox --offline-only

Synchronize the offline run a1561719-b425-4000-a65a-b5efb044d6bb with the project "jackie/sandbox":

neptune sync -p jackie/sandbox --object offline/a1561719-b425-4000-a65a-b5efb04d6b

Access help and examples:

neptune sync --help

neptune-notebooks incompatibility

Currently, the command does not work together with the Neptune-Jupyter extension (neptune-notebooks).

Until a fix is released, if you have neptune-notebooks installed, you must uninstall it to be able to use the neptune sync command.