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API reference: 🤗 Transformers integration#

You can log model training metadata by passing a Neptune callback to the Trainer callbacks.


Creates a Neptune callback that you pass to the callbacks argument of the Trainer constructor.


Name         Type Default     Description
api_token str, optional None Neptune API token obtained upon registration. You can leave this argument out if you have saved your token to the NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN environment variable (strongly recommended).
project str, optional None Name of an existing Neptune project, in the form: "workspace-name/project-name". In Neptune, you can copy the name from the project settings ( ) → Details & privacy.

If None, the value of the NEPTUNE_PROJECT environment variable will be used.

If you just want to try logging anonymously, you can use the public project "common/huggingface-integration".

name str, optional None Custom name for the run.
base_namespace str, optional "finetuning" In the Neptune run, the root namespace (folder) that will contain all of the logged metadata.
run Run, optional None Pass a Neptune run object if you want to continue logging to an existing run.

See Resume a run and Pass object between files.

log_parameters bool, optional True Log all Trainer arguments and model parameters provided by the Trainer.
log_checkpoints str, optional None
  • If "same", uploads checkpoints whenever they are saved by the Trainer.
  • If "last", uploads only the most recently saved checkpoint.
  • If "best", uploads the best checkpoint (among the ones saved by the Trainer).
  • If None, does not upload checkpoints.
**neptune_run_kwargs (optional) - Additional keyword arguments to be passed directly to the init_run() function when a new run is created.


from transformers.integrations import NeptuneCallback

# Create Neptune callback
neptune_callback = NeptuneCallback(
    description="DistilBERT fine-tuned on GLUE/MRPC",
    tags=["args-callback", "fine-tune", "MRPC"],  # tags help you manage runs
    base_namespace="custom_name",  # the default is "finetuning"
    log_checkpoints="best",  # other options are "last", "same", and None
    capture_hardware_metrics=False,  # additional kwargs for a Neptune run

# Create training arguments
training_args = TrainingArguments(
    report_to="none", # (1)!

# Pass Neptune callback to Trainer
trainer = Trainer(

  1. To avoid creating several callbacks, set the report_to argument to "none".


Returns the current Neptune run.


Name Type Default Description
trainer transformers.Trainer - The transformers Trainer instance.


Run object that can be used for logging.



# Logging additional metadata after training
run = NeptuneCallback.get_run(trainer)
run["predictions"] = ...

See also Logging additional metadata after training in the Neptune-Transformers integration guide.


If you have a NeptuneCallback instance available, you can access the Neptune run with the .run property:


# Logging additional metadata after training["predictions"] = ...

See also

NeptuneCallback in the 🤗 Transformers API reference