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The utils module contains utility functions for logging metadata with the Neptune API.

Import statement
from neptune import utils


Helper function that converts unsupported values in a collection or dictionary to strings.

The output of this function is lazy-evaluated, as the final type depends on the logging method that is called on the stringified object (for example, assign(obj) versus append(obj)).


Name Type Default Description
value dictionary or collection None Dictionary or collection which may contain values of an unsupported type.


Start a run:

>>> import neptune
>>> run = neptune.init_run()

Log a complex dictionary with partially unsupported types:

>>> complex_dict = {"tuple": ("learning_rate", 0.01), "accuracy": 0.87}  # (1)!
>>> from neptune.utils import stringify_unsupported
>>> run["complex_dict"] = stringify_unsupported(complex_dict)
  1. No error occurs until you upgrade to 1.0. Until then, the tuple is implicitly cast to a string. With neptune 1.0, you need to explicitly log the unsupported type as a string, or use the stringify_unsupported() function as in this example.


This function is related to the deprecation of implicit casting to string.

For details, see the neptune 1.0 upgrade guide.