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Run comparison overview#

To select which runs to compare, in the runs table, click the eye icon () to include or exclude runs.

To switch to the comparison views, click Compare runs in the left pane.


In this section, you can compare any metadata that were logged as series of values (with the append() method). For example, metrics and losses.

  • You can filter the displayed charts with the Filter widgets input box, and click Save as new to save the result as a custom dashboard.
  • To show additional fields in the legend, pin the columns in the runs table.

See example charts in Neptune 


You can compare images between selected runs, for example:

  • for computer vision problems, such as classification, object detection, and segmentation.
  • to compare custom metrics logged as images using a visualization library, such as Matplotlib.


To have more information and context in a single view, you may want to create a custom dashboard where you include:

  • A Single image comparison widget for the image you wish to compare between runs.
  • A Chart widget where you display relevant metrics.

See example image comparison in Neptune 

To populate the example view, go to the runs table to select runs to compare.

Parallel coordinates#

The parallel coordinates view is built with the HiPlot visualization tool.

It shows values that are different between the selected runs, and takes into account any columns that have been added to the runs table.

You can use it to:

  • See how model parameters affect the metrics.
  • Explore different parameter and metric ranges by selecting a range of a metric or a parameter of interest.
  • Download the comparison as CSV or PNG.

See example in Neptune 

To populate the example view, go to the runs table to select runs to compare.


This table view focuses on the differences between selected runs.

  • To filter out fields that are the same for each run, tick the Rows with diff only box.
  • To see the change in values relative to the reference run, tick the Show cell changes box.
    • To set the reference run, click the pin icon () on the header row.


  • For a field to be featured in this view, the column must be present in the runs table.
  • Click the eye icon () to remove a run from the comparison view.

See example in Neptune 

To populate the example view, go to the runs table to select runs to compare.


If you tracked artifacts for your selected runs, you can compare their metadata differences in this section.

This includes differences in path, size, MD5 hash, and which runs use the given artifact version.


You can only contrast artifacts between two runs at once.

See artifact comparison example in Neptune 

Custom dashboards#

To see the metadata visualized in multiple ways in a single place, you can combine and display widgets of your choosing to create a custom dashboard.

Your custom dashboards are available project-wide, underneath the built-in comparison views.

See example dashboard in Neptune