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Grouping runs by field#

To perform in-group and cross-group analyses on runs, you can group them by one or more columns.

  1. Next to the search input box, click Group by.
  2. Enter the name of the field to group the runs by.


At the left edge of the table, a new column appears.

It contains a group for each value of the selected field.

  • Each group is represented by the top run according to the active sorting.
  • Expanding a group displays the top 10 runs.

    To open a new table view with only the runs in a given group, click Show all.


    If you want to access the filtered view later, you can save it as a custom view.

To compare all runs in a group against each other, click the eye icon () on the collapsed group.

Comparing metrics of grouped runs#

You can compare groups of runs against each other in the Compare runsCharts view.

When you toggle the Average grouped runs switch, each graph represents the mean of a run group.