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Create a scatter plot#

Scatterplot for accuracy and loss

If you have two metrics or parameters that you wish to compare or see how they relate to each other throughout the runs, you can create a scatter plot.

The scatterplot widget supports the following field types: Float, Int, and Datetime, in any combination.

To create a scatter plot:

  1. In the Compare runs view, click the eye icon () next to each run to include or exclude it from the comparison.
  2. Create a new custom dashboard or edit an existing one.
  3. In the top-right corner, click Add widget.
  4. Choose the Scatter plot widget type and enter a title for it.
  5. Click Add field and select a metadata field for each axis.
  6. Click Save widget.
  7. Save your dashboard.

You can edit the scatterplot widget by going to its settings () and clicking Edit.

See example scatter plot in Neptune