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Example of a side-by-side view in Neptune

The side-by-side tab focuses on the differences between selected runs. Rather than showing metadata values as horizontal columns, it stacks them up as rows, so you can scroll through the metadata more conveniently.

To set up your runs for side-by-side analysis:

  1. To select which runs to compare, toggle the eye icons ( ) so that they're on ( ).
  2. Navigate to the Side-by-side tab ( ).
  3. To show a certain field at the top of the table, add the field as a column to the regular experiments table.

    To add new fields directly from the side-by-side tab, click the ellipsis ( ) menu under the search input box and select Add column.

See example in Neptune 


  • To filter out fields that are the same for each run, tick the Rows with diff only box.
  • To see the change in values relative to the reference run, tick the Show cell changes box.
    • To set the reference run, click the pin icon ( ) on the header row.
  • To remove a run from the comparison view, toggle the eye icon ( ).