We’re constantly improving Neptune. See the latest additions and fixes.


Web application
  • Added search bar to All metadata section, making it easier to find specific fields.
  • Made it easier to resize columns in the table view.
  • Clearer formatting of monitoring time.
  • The time format in custom dashboards is now consistent with the format used elsewhere.


Web application
  • You can now create a model in the Models tab of the app. For details, see the Model registry guide.
  • Bulk operations are enabled for the model registry.
  • Fixed issue where a new view was not created when pressing Enter after entering a name.
Integration: neptune-sklearn 0.9.6
  • get_estimator_params now works with any scikit-learn estimator.


Web application
  • Improvements to the widget addition flow.


Web application
  • Workspace administrators can now disable the creation of public projects.


Web application
  • Added tooltip for how smoothing works in charts.
  • Fixed LTR marks being attached to URLs copied from the runs table.
  • Fixed issue with saving custom runs table views with certain grouping and sorting parameters.
Integration: neptune-notebooks 0.9.3 (conda package)
  • Fixed publishing issue with the conda-forge pipeline. Now, conda-forge has the latest version of the neptune-notebook packages.


Python client library 0.16.3
  • Added fetch_models_table() method to use with Project objects.
  • Changed fetch_runs_table() behavior to match all listed tags instead of any.
  • Replaced click library with logging.
  • Fixed invalid processing of deletion followed by file or artifact upload in a single batch.
  • Fix bug in multi-part upload.
Web application
  • Hotfix for HTML and notebook file previews.


Web application
  • Fixed navigation fallback to the last viewed/default route.
  • Equalized height of image comparison widgets in Images view and auto-generated views.
  • Runs table: Fixed views dropdown z-index.


Integration: kedro-neptune 0.1.1
  • Neptune enabled flag with environment variables support (#35)


  • Organization plan launched.
Web application
Interactivity to table previews.
"Run label" renamed "Pinned columns". • The pinned columns determine which fields are included in chart legends.
Visual feedback of compare selection.
Fix fuzzy search exact match being listed first.
Fix runs table CSV downloads including trashed runs.
Python client library 0.16.2
Sync only offline runs inside .neptune directory CLI flag (#894)
Handling of server errors for init_model() and init_model_version() (#896)