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The latest feature additions, fixes, and other release highlights.

For changes to the documentation, see the Home page

April 2024#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integration: composer 0.21.3 To more accurately reflect the functionality, NeptuneLogger's upload_artifacts parameter was changed to upload_checkpoints.
  Integration: neptune-sklearn 2.1.3 Fix for Yellowbrick-Matplotlib incompatibility.
  Python client library: neptune 1.10.2 Added setuptools to dependencies for Python 3.12+ and fixed a requirement check for the Lightning integration.

March 2024#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Python client library: neptune 1.10.1 Fix requirement checking for integrations.
  Python client library: neptune 1.10.0
  • When fetching runs or models from your project, we support filtering with the help of a query parameter.
  • To retrieve a workspace's storage and member info, we added the get_workspace_status() method to the management API.
  • You can now control the logging level.
  • When logging figures with the as_image() method, we enabled auto-scaling of pixel values to better render the figures in the Neptune app.
  Integration: neptune-tensorflow-keras 2.2.2 Handled additional keyword arguments passed to the print_fn parameter of the model.summary() function.
  Integration: neptune-tensorboard 1.0.3 Updated README with fresh instructions.
  Integration: neptune-aws 1.1.0 Updated dependencies and README. Fixed repository URLs and package classifiers.

February 2024#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integration: neptune-airflow 1.0.1 Integration updated to use the get_state() method during training. README updated.
  Integration: composer 0.20.0 MosaicML Composer now supports logging with Neptune. Integration guide →
  Integration: kedro-neptune 0.4.0 Added support for logging project requirements with the dependencies parameter.
  Python client library: neptune 1.9.1 Fix for the conda package.
  Integration: neptune-optuna 1.2.0 Added log_all_trials parameter to NeptuneCallback(), similar to what log_all_trials does in log_study_metadata().
  Python client library: neptune 1.9.0

January 2024#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integration: neptune-tensorflow-keras 2.2.1 Introduced the log_model_summary parameter to NeptuneCallback() and handling of cases where the model summary or visualization can't be logged.
  Integration: neptune-sklearn 2.1.2 Constrained scipy to <1.12 to work around an import error related to scikit-plot.
  Integration: neptune-sklearn 2.1.1 Suppressed NeptuneUnsupportedType warning if expected metadata is not found. Corrected function names in docstrings.

December 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Self-hosted: 2.4 This release brings the new UI to on-prem. It includes the fresh look and all recently released web app features, such as scatter plot widgets, improved runs table search, keyboard shortcuts, distraction-free mode, and enhanced source-code display. Learn more →
  Python client library: neptune 1.8.6
  • When fetching runs with Project.fetch_runs_table(), we removed the limit where a maximum of 10 000 runs could be returned. We also improved the performance, making the fetching up to twice as fast as before. (Also applies to model-fetching methods: fetch_models_table() and fetch_model_versions_table()).
  • We changed the behavior of tracking system metrics so that no monitoring namespace is created if all related options are disabled. This fixes an issue with extra fields being created especially if resuming a run multiple times.
  • Clarified the message shown when exceeding a limit related to the target workspace or project.
  • Improved the visibility of docstrings in some IDEs when initializing Neptune objects.
  Integration: neptune-mlflow 1.1.0 Introduces plugin for sending MLflow-logged metadata to Neptune. Fixes handling of None values while exporting Mlflow runs. MLflow integration guide →

November 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  General We updated our pricing model .
  Python client library: neptune 1.8.5 Fixed behavior of synchronization callbacks.
  Integration: kedro-neptune 0.3.0 Added OmegaConfig support. Replaced some dataset classes and modules.
  Python client library: neptune 1.8.3 We reworked disk usage checking and introduced two related environment variables: NEPTUNE_MAX_DISK_USAGE and NEPTUNE_RAISE_ERROR_ON_DISK_USAGE_EXCEEDED. We also improved handling of non-standard float values, among numerous other fixes and changes.

October 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integration: neptune-prophet 1.0.1 Increased the version requirement of Plotly and removed the Matplotlib version requirement.
  Web application

We made some improvements to the runs table: When modifying a search query, you can now edit the operator and value without changing the other parts. You can also click on a username in the Owner column to instantly create a filter for runs created by that account.

Project owners can now set storage limits for projects individually.

  Integration: neptune-tensorboard 1.0.2 Added keyword arguments for handling unused tensorboard arguments.
  Integration: neptune-tensorboard 1.0.1 Added support for the description argument in tf.summary.image(). Changed single images to be logged as a separate field.
  Python client library: neptune 1.8.2 Added support for disabling the saving of an operation based on disk utilization.
  Python client library: neptune 1.8.1 Tweaked handling of SSL-related errors.
  Python client library: neptune 1.8.0 We introduced a callback mechanism that you can enable in case the synchronization is not working properly. You can now also programmatically empty the project trash, and we tweaked the tracking of uncommitted changes so that the downloaded diff.patch file can be applied more easily.

September 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Python client library: neptune 1.7.0 Added full support for the Neptune-Airflow integration and fixed exception handling for some HTTP errors.
  Web application
    You can now use the following keyboard shortcuts:
  • Toggle the side navigation – [
  • Switch between view modes – 1 / 2 / 3
  Python client library: neptune 1.6.3 Fixed an error with an exception.
  Python client library: neptune 1.6.2 Changed handling of integers so that values outside the range of 32-bit integers are cast to float.

August 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application Added explanatory tooltip to the exclamation icon on failed runs.
  Integration: neptune-airflow 1.0.0 Introduces NeptuneLogger for tracking metadata during Airflow DAG runs.
  Web application Scatter plots are now available for run comparison dashboards.
  Python client library: neptune 1.6.1 Fixed an issue with the conda package.
  Integration: neptune-pytorch 2.0.0 Renamed save_model() function to log_model() and save_checkpoint() to log_checkpoint().
  Python client library: neptune 1.6.0 We added the list_fileset_files() function, which you can use to query metadata from FileSet fields. We also fixed a couple of issues: stringify_unsupported() now catches a broader MutableMapping class, and the retry request now works properly if an initial request to the Neptune servers fails.
  Python client library: neptune 1.5.0 You can now disable Git tracking by passing git_ref=False when initializing a run. We also added a new environment variable NEPTUNE_DATA_DIRECTORY, which lets you specify where the .neptune folder should be created instead of the current working directory.
  Web application In charts displaying multiple runs, we now identify a run more clearly when you hover over its graph.

July 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integration: neptune-pytorch 1.0.1 Made torchviz an optional dependency.
  Integration: neptune-fastai 1.1.1 The integration won't error if optim.__name__ is not present.
  Python client library: neptune 1.4.1 Fixed performance issues on forking process (Linux). Fixed retry request on ChunkedEncodingError.
  Integration: neptune-sacred 1.0.1 Fixed file upload if the full path is used and the file is not in the current working directory.
  Python client library: neptune 1.4.0 Fixed an operation processor bug if the current working directory is different from the script directory.
  Integration: neptune-tensorflow-keras 2.2.0 Support logging of learning_rate in multi-GPU training setup.
  Web application You can now view run dashboards and compare views in distraction-free mode. You can also inspect dependencies and Git diffs in the Source code tab.
  Web application We fixed an issue where a field named "type" could not be displayed as a runs table column.
  Python client library: neptune 1.3.2 Logging dicts and Namespaces that contain an empty string "" key now leads to a warning and the entry being skipped, instead of an exception being raised.
  Integration: neptune-mlflow 1.0.0 The first release of the updated Neptune-MLflow integration consists of a run exporter tool, which you can use to migrate data from MLflow to Neptune.

June 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application If a workspace invite has not been accepted, admins can now resend the invite. We also added rendering of .patch files (a diff.patch file is logged automatically if there are uncommitted changes).
  General We launched a new pricing model , which is based on the number of active projects instead of logging hours or monitoring time.
  Integration: neptune-tensorboard 1.0.0 Updated the integration to work with the latest version of Neptune, and added new functionality.
  Python client library: neptune 1.3.1 Fixed an issue that would occur if Git is not installed where the client is used.
  Python client library: neptune 1.3.0 You can now track dependencies and uncommitted changes.
  Integration: kedro-neptune 0.2.0 Fixed the config so that if the enabled option in neptune.yml is set to false, no Neptune-related actions are taken (fixes issue #66).

May 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application In the Copy link to project modal, the link copy button now works as expected. We fixed a couple of issues with dashboards: the minimum value of a float series is now displayed correctly, and panning an image works properly in a custom image widget.
  Python client library: neptune 1.2.0 We added the invite_to_workspace() function which lets you invite people to workspaces programmatically. We also added support for the newly released PyTorch integration, and improved the docstrings of our API's modules and classes.
  Integration: neptune-pytorch 0.2.0 Change the namespace where model checkpoints are logged (from "base_namespace/model" to "base_namespace/model/checkpoints").
  Integration: neptune-pytorch 0.1.0 Introduces NeptuneLogger for tracking metadata when training models with PyTorch.

April 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integration: neptune-aws 1.0.1 Added missing dependency to requirements.
  Web application When filtering runs or other objects by owner, service accounts are now included in the listed owners. Fixed an issue with search when an object contained more than 10 000 fields of the same type.
  Web application Our redesigned web app is live for everyone. You can read about the changes and next steps on the Neptune website .

March 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Integrations The following integration libraries have been updated to support neptune 1.x, among other things.
  Web application
  • Previews of Markdown files are now rendered properly.
  • Multi-line descriptions are rendered correctly in the table view.
  Python client library: neptune 1.1.1 Proper error handling when filenames provided with sys.argv are too long.
  Python client library: neptune 1.1.0 We reworked how Git tracking works: You can now specify the path where Neptune should look for a Git repository, or disable the logging of Git information completely.
  Python client library The package name has been updated from "neptune-client" to "neptune" also on conda.
  Self-hosted: 2.3.5 New features include service accounts, the redesigned image gallery, metadata tree search, and the ability to register a model directly through the web app (see the Product Portal for more). Also adds support for the 1.x version of the Neptune Python client library.
  Web app – new UI We've been working on a redesign of our web application. You can now opt into the beta version and give it a try. Log in to the app and click the link in the banner, or access it later from the user menu in the top-right corner.
  Web application
  • Improved performance of generating thumbnails for image series.
  • Fixed an issue with the scrollbar when the legend tooltip is visible in the chart widget.
  Web application
  • Improved rendering of several widgets (charts, image galleries) on a single page. Before this change, large widgets would cause the browser to hang, whereas they now load instantly. Scrolling performance is also smoother, and the local state of widgets is preserved while scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where grouped model versions don't expand.
  • Enabled compression in table view API requests, which improves the loading of the runs table.

February 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Python client library: neptune 1.0.2 Released a fix to properly handle expired OAuth tokens.
  Python client library: neptune 1.0.1 With our first major release of the Neptune client library, the "new" API is now officially the main one. See Upgrade the Neptune client library for how to get the new package, and check out the full list of changes in the neptune 1.0 upgrade guide.
  Web application In image widgets, you can now scroll the image if it's larger than the widget preview size. In interactive CSV tables, the data is now rendered properly for column names that contain dots.
  Web application We fixed a couple of issues: a saved dashboard now retains the y-axis scaling if it has been changed to logarithmic, and deleted projects no longer cause the app to crash when viewing usage statistics. We also further tweaked the image gallery.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.17 Added support for the newly released Neptune-AWS integration.

January 2023#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application As a workspace member, you no longer lose access to a project you created if you set the visibility to "workspace" and then back to "private". We also ensured that data is deleted more thoroughly when deleting projects, dashboards, objects, and other things that contain user data.
  Integration: neptune-aws 0.1.0 In our first release of the Neptune-AWS integration, we expose the init_run() function that reads the Neptune API token and project name from AWS Secrets.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.16 We've deprecated the name argument in init_project() as well as all management functions where the name of an existing project or workspace is passed. Use the project or workspace arguments instead:



  Web application The image gallery has received further improvements. In the Source code view, we tweaked the Git info a bit – for example, remote URLs are now rendered as clickable links. As for the table view, due to a technical limitation, we now limit the number of indexed characters in String fields to 1024 characters. This means that for runs table search, only the first 1024 characters will be considered.

December 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application When you've grouped runs in the table view, you can now bulk-select all runs of a group for comparison. We've also updated the image gallery with multiple enhancements and new features, such as the carousel view mode.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.15 We fixed a Windows issue with entrypoint script upload when the entrypoint and source files don't share the same drive.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.14 We want to make the log() method more intuitive, so we've released the methods that will eventually replace it: append() and extend(). They're used to create a series of values, appending either a single value or a collection of values at a time, respectively. (It was always possible to append one or multiple values with log(), but we're now separating those into their own methods.)
  New integrations
    Two new integrations have been released:
  • The Neptune-skorch integration has been updated to work with the new Neptune API as well as the legacy one.
  • Integration with ZenML – Neptune is now supported as an Experiment Tracker flavor of the ZenML framework.
  Web application In the model versions table, we fixed an issue where suggested columns would not load properly.

November 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application In the runs table, we fixed a Firefox scrollbar issue and disabled the "Apply" button if you go to manage tags but no changes have actually been made. In the run and comparison views, we fixed a bug where unauthorized users would be able to save changes to dashboards. We also tweaked the image gallery a bit.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.13

We increased the size limit of images from 15 MB to 32 MB when logging them as a series.

We also made some tweaks to how Neptune handles junk (local data that has already been synchronized or trashed):

  • When you run a script with Neptune, junk metadata is automatically cleaned.
  • The junk data is also cleaned when running the neptune sync CLI command.
  • For any junk that might linger in the .neptune folder, we added the neptune clear CLI command for manually clearing the data.

  Integration: neptune-lightgbm 0.10.0 We updated the create_booster_summary() function to log tree dataframes in CSV instead of HTML format, and changed the default value of the log_trees_as_dataframe parameter to False. We also made some package and import related fixes.
  Integrations (multiple) We made some import fixes and package-related updates to several of our integration libraries: neptune-prophet 0.4.1, neptune-tensorflow-keras 1.2.0, neptune-fastai 0.10.4, neptune-xgboost 0.10.1, neptune-sacred 0.10.1, kedro-neptune 0.1.4, and neptune-sklearn 0.9.7.
  Integration: neptune-optuna 0.10.0 We added support for multi-objective training.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.12
    Changes to the File field type:
  • We added a new method from_path(), in case you need to specify the file path and extension separately.
  • When creating the file object with from_stream(), you can only log the content from the same stream once.
  • The neptune status CLI command was changed to also show trashed objects.
  Web application We fixed some issues with image comparison and widget dropping in fullscreen mode.

October 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.10
  • For tracking artifacts, we've added support for Google Cloud Storage.
  • Methods that fetch objects in table format (such as fetch_runs_table()) no longer query trashed objects.
  • The way we detect the entrypoint file, source files, and Git repositories is now more strict and consistent than before.
  • Due to recent PyTorch Lightning changes, we've removed the jsonschema requirements.
  • The following alternate ways to install neptune-client now work properly: pip install git+ and pip install . (after cloning the neptune-client repository).
⚠ Ahead of the 1.0 release, we've marked the following as deprecated:
  • The legacy API.
  • The methods get_last_run(), get_run_url(), get_project(), and init().
  • Implicit casting of unsupported types to String when using log() or assign() (a.k.a. =). What does this mean? So far, if you attempt to log a value that is not among the supported neptune.types (such as a tuple) Neptune silently logs it as a string. As of 1.x, you're expected to use str(value) if you want it to be logged as a string; otherwise an exception will be thrown in the case of unsupported types.
  Web application We've revamped the image gallery! To analyze images logged as series, you now have more options for displaying and navigating the samples throughout the training process.
  Integration: neptune-tensorflow-keras 1.1.0 We fixed a bug that crashed the integration when the input layer of a neural network didn't have the input_shape parameter defined or the model was not built.

September 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.8
  • We've improved the Neptune integration with 🤗 Transformers, which was released with version 4.22.0 . For the updated functionality, see the 🤗 Transformers guide.
  • As part of the management API, you can now move runs or other objects to trash with the trash_objects() function.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.7
  • When resuming a run or other object, we've introduced a new, unified parameter for specifying the ID of the object: with_id.
  • When fetching a table of objects (for example, with project.fetch_runs_table() you can use the new columns parameter to specify which fields to include as columns in the table, rather than having all fields returned.
  • Neptune no longer hangs indefinitely if the synchronization thread has stopped when wait() is called. The process also finishes faster when you call stop().
  Integration: neptune-tensorflow-keras 1.0.0 We've added a bunch of new functionality to our Keras integration, such as saving the model summary and parameters used for fitting the model. See the integration changelog for details.
  Integration: neptune-prophet 0.4.0 The Neptune-Prophet integration has been released! Try it out: Prophet integration guide

August 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  General You can now create service accounts to automate your workflow. To get started, head to your Neptune workspace and select the Service accounts tab.
  Web application
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling when viewing the metadata of a model version.
  • We now support emoji! 🎉 You can use them in tags and strings.
  • Fixed an issue where the counter of compared runs did not reset when removing the last run from comparison.
  • When filtering projects by owner, the query returns members of workspace projects accurately.
  • We made it easier to resize columns when comparing images side by side.
  • When comparing graphs of multiple run groups in the Charts view, you can toggle a switch to see the average of each group represented as one graph. For details, see Comparing grouped runs.
  • In the table view, sorting and filtering that involves integer comparison now works properly.
  • Dates are displayed correctly when plotting time on the x axis of charts.
  • Fixed an issue where the runs table would re-fetch the data when changing something about the columns while using Group by.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.5
  • You can now set the connection mode as an environment variable named NEPTUNE_MODE. To learn more, see Environment variables.
  • When creating a project through the API, providing a project key is now optional. If omitted, Neptune will generate a key for you based on the project name.

July 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  General If you set a custom run ID, it's now stored in the system namespace of the run. You can access it normally by using the fetch() method on the "sys/custom_run_id" field.
  Web application
  • When comparing artifacts, the diff view was adjusted to detect and highlight differences of fewer characters than before.
  • Fixed issue with opening files with upperCase extension.
  • Friendlier search/filtering options for object size ("sys/size") and model version stage ("sys/stage").
  • In the People tab of the workspace settings, the project access counter now includes both users who have direct access and users who have access through the "workspace" visibility setting.
  • We now avoid rendering JSON files with lines too long to preview.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.4
  • Fixed issue with uploading in-memory files lager than 5 MB.
  • Fixed issue with fetch_extension() not working for File fields.
  • Force jsonschema version < 4.0.0.
  Integration: neptune-fastai 0.10.2
  • Skip vocab for models that don't use it.
  • Attribute error when loss is not BaseLoss.

June 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application
  • Workspace administrators can now disable the creation of public projects.
  • All metadata section: Fixed issue with scrolling and added search bar, making it easier to find specific fields.
  • Made it easier to resize columns in the table view.
  • Clearer formatting of monitoring time.
  • The time format in custom dashboards is now consistent with the format used elsewhere.
  • You can now create a model in the Models tab of the app. For details, see the model registry guide.
  • Bulk operations are enabled for model objects.
  • Fixed issue where a new view was not created when pressing Enter after entering a name.
  • Improvements to the widget addition flow.
  • Added tooltip for how smoothing works in charts.
  • Fixed LTR marks being attached to URLs copied from the runs table.
  • Fixed issue with saving custom runs table views with certain grouping and sorting parameters.
  Integration: neptune-sklearn 0.9.6 The get_estimator_params() function now works with any scikit-learn estimator.
  Integration: neptune-notebooks 0.9.3 (conda package) Fixed publishing issue with the conda-forge pipeline. Conda-forge now has the latest version of the neptune-notebook packages.

May 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.3 You can now fetch model objects from a project with the new fetch_models_table() method, and we changed the fetch_runs_table() behavior to match all listed tags instead of any.

There was bug in multi-part upload and an issue with the processing of deletion followed by file or artifact upload in a single batch, both of which are now fixed.

  General We launched the Organization plan.
  Web application Table previews are now interactive. In the runs table, we fixed the views dropdown z-index. The "run label", which determines which fields are displayed in legends, was renamed "pinned columns".

We also improved the visual feedback on compare selection, fixed runs table CSV downloads so that they no longer include trashed runs, and fixed fuzzy search exact match being listed first.

  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.2 You now have the option to sync only offline runs inside the .neptune folder. We also fixed the handling of server errors for init_model() and init_model_version().

April 2022#

Component        Changes and highlights
  Web application We now support preview of BMP and WebP files. And you have the option to log in via your Microsoft account.
  Python client library: neptune-client 0.16.0 We added Python 3.10 support while dropping support for Python 3.6 and below. If a file changes during upload, we now restart the upload.
  R package: neptune-r 0.2.3 We updated the package to install neptune-client version 0.16.x by default and still be compatible with neptune-client 0.15.x.
  Integration: kedro-neptune 0.1.0 Adapted the plugin to the Kedro 0.18 release. Dropped support for Kedro 0.17 (incompatible with 0.18) and Python 3.6 (unsupported by Kedro 0.18)