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Change location of .neptune folder#

The Neptune client uses the .neptune directory to store your data locally before synchronizing it with the server.

You can safely move the .neptune directory to a different location.

If you do not want to change the location of the directory and need to access it from elsewhere in the system, the following are possible workarounds.

Changing cwd inside the script#

You can change the current working directory inside the script that initializes Neptune, just before you initialize a run.

This change is only necessary for the neptune.init call. After that, you can revert back to the original working directory.

original_cwd = os.getcwd() # folder_B

os.chdir("folder_A") # Change cwd to folder_A

run = neptune.init_run(mode="offline")

os.chdir(original_cwd)  # Change cwd back to folder_B

# Log your metadata

Output location:

  • folder_A/.neptune/offline

If you're on Linux or a Unix-like system, you can create a symbolic link to the .neptune folder.

ln -s /desired_directory/my_neptune .neptune

Then, when you initialize a run, the ./my_neptune folder will mirror the contents of .neptune:

run = neptune.init_run(mode="offline")

Output locations:

  • ./neptune/offline
  • /desired_directory/my_neptune/offline

See also

If your CWD is not writeable for any reason, you can also have the .neptune folder be created in a different location by setting its path to the NEPTUNE_DATA_DIRECTORY environment variable.

Learn more: Environment variables ≫ NEPTUNE_DATA_DIRECTORY