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Debugging options#

You can debug your code by adjusting the connection mode in which Neptune is working.

You can set the mode either through an environment variable (NEPTUNE_MODE) or through the mode argument when initializing a Neptune object.


For details, see Connnection modes reference.

Using Neptune in debug mode#

Debug mode essentially turns off all the Neptune-related logging.

You can use Neptune as a mock object for testing purposes by initializing a run in debug mode.

import as neptune
run = neptune.init_run(mode="debug")

Using Neptune in synchronous mode#

In synchronous mode, tracking methods throw exceptions in case of issues related to connectivity or the consistency of an object's local representation.

If there's an issue with your code but you're not sure where, synchronous mode can help you locate the problematic part.


This mode may slow down your logging.

import as neptune
run = neptune.init_run(mode="sync")

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