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Neptune limit exceeded#




Data synchronization was interrupted because you exceeded some limit related to your workspace or project.

If you're using Neptune in asynchronous mode (default), the data that couldn't be uploaded is safely stored on the disk.

You can still fetch and delete data from your projects, but your workspace will remain in read-only mode until the reason for exceeded limits is resolved. This can be related to the amount of storage, users, or projects included in your plan.

My subscription is based on logging hours

If you're on the old pricing plan that's based on logging hours (or monitoring hours), you can also get this error if you run out of logging time.

In this case, you need to:

  1. top up your logging hours, or
  2. wait for your new monthly package of logging hours

Until then, your workspace remains in read-only mode. You can follow the instructions below for uploading your offline metadata when your workspace is writable again.


To proceed with logging metadata to the workspace in question, you need to:

  1. Resolve the issue with the workspace or project limit. For help, see [Workspace or project is read-only].
  2. Once access is reenabled, manually synchronize any locally logged metadata that may not have been synchronized with the Neptune server yet.

How do I upload my offline metadata to Neptune?#

Once you've resolved the issue with the target workspace or project, you can upload the data stored on-disk with the neptune sync CLI command:

neptune sync

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