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Optimizing logging calls to reduce requests#

Related error

Experiencing connection interruptions. Will try to reestablish communication with Neptune. Internal exception was: HTTPTooManyRequests

To avoid sending too many requests to the Neptune server too frequently, there may be things you can do to optimize your logging calls.


If you're logging a series, you can use the extend() method instead of append().

The below involves ten logging calls:

for value in range(10):

The following results in the same metadata structure, but involves a single logging call:

run["values"].extend([value for value in range(10)])

The tradeoff is that in the first case, values are logged almost as soon as they are generated. This is not the case with the latter.


Instead of uploading files one by one with upload() (resulting in one File field for each file) you could do one of the following:

  • Upload the files in batch with upload_files() (results in a FileSet field)
  • Create a series of files with append() or extend() (results in a FileSeries field)

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