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Workspace or project is read only#

In this mode, you have read-only access to all your metadata stored in Neptune. You can browse or analyze your metadata through the web application and fetch it programmatically with the read-only connection mode.

You can also delete old data, either through the web app or the API.

However, you won't be able to log new runs or upload new metadata to existing ones.

Why is my workspace in read-only mode?#

Your workspace enters read-only mode in the following cases:

  • The workspace has exceeded its quota of storage, active projects, or users.

    This can happen, for example, if you downgrade your subscription plan.

  • (Paid subscriptions) If Neptune has not been able to charge the monthly fee for the last 14 days.

  • (Old pricing model) If your workspace runs out of monitoring hours.

Why is my project in read-only mode?#

There may be a storage limit set for the project specifically. Check with your project owner or workspace admin.

What happens if I'm in the middle of logging new data?#

If your workspace enters read-only mode while you are logging new metadata (for example, while training models), the client library will automatically enter offline mode. All metadata tracked after that will be stored locally and can later be uploaded with the Neptune Command Line Interface.

Re-enabling full access#

The following sections describe how to restore full write access, depending on what the issue is.

Storage quota was exceeded#

If the workspace goes over its storage quota, a workspace admin can increase the quota in the Billing & payments section.

Alternatively, you can delete old data either through the web application or programmatically through the Neptune API.

Quota of active projects or users was exceeded#

Increase the quota in the Billing & payments section.

Alternatively, you can archive projects or remove members from your workspace.

Neptune was not able to charge the monthly fee#

If Neptune has not been able to charge the monthly fee, it can mean that there were not enough funds available when the card was charged, or that the card has expired.

In either case, head to your workspace Billing & payments section to update your payment method and let us know through chat or by email.

Workspace ran out of monitoring hours#

Old pricing model

This section is only relevant for workspaces that are still on a plan based on logging hours.

New plans follow a pricing model which is based on the number of active projects.

If you run out of monitoring hours, a workspace admin can top up the workspace with additional monitoring hours in the Billing & payments section.

Alternatively, you can wait for when you receive your next monthly package of monitoring hours. The exact date depends on when you signed up for the Neptune.

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