Remote stop and abort
How to stop or abort a run from the Neptune app
To send a remote stop or abort request for an active run:
  1. 1.
    In the runs table, click the status icon next to the run id.
  2. 2.
    Select Remote stop or Remote abort.
The run status is displayed next to the id
Neptune sends the signal to all processes that have an active connection to the run. The exact behavior depends on whether the psutil library is installed on the machine running the process.
The psutil library is installed with the Neptune client by default.
  • If psutil is installed, the current process and its children are aborted by sending SIGTERM. If, after the grace period, processes are not terminated, SIGKILL is sent.
  • If psutil is not installed, we make the best effort to stop the process -- for example, by invoking os.exit() -- but it's not guaranteed to work in every environment.
In the case of Remote abort in addition to the signal being sent, the run status is set to "failed".
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