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Upload Jupyter notebook checkpoints through CLI#

Not actively maintained

We do not currently maintain the Neptune-Jupyter extension. We have plans of rebuilding it in the future.

Existing users can still use the current version, with the following caveats:

  • You need to be on version 0.16.x or below of the old Neptune client library called neptune-client. You cannot use this extension with version 1.x of neptune-client or neptune.
  • We deprecated part of the feature that associates notebook checkpoints with runs. As such, the Activate button in the extension toolbar currently serves no purpose.
  • (If using JupyterLab) Only works with version 3.x or below of JupyterLab.

You can upload notebooks and update notebook checkpoints with the Neptune command-line interface (CLI).

We recommend uploading with CLI only if using the Jupyter extension is not possible.

Before you start#

Export your Neptune API token as an environment variable:

export NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN="uyVrZXkiOiIzNTd..."
export NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN="uyVrZXkiOiIzNTd..."
How do I find my API token?

In the bottom-left corner of the Neptune app, open the user menu and select Get your API token.

You can copy your token from the dialog that opens. It's very long – make sure to copy and paste it in full!

CLI usage#

Command syntax: neptune notebook sync [ARGS...]

Options           Description
--new (Optional) Creates a new notebook in Neptune.

If the notebook is not known to Neptune, it will be created. In this case, you do not need to use this flag.

--project <project-name> Project name (workspace-name/project-name) to which notebooks or checkpoints should be added.

If the NEPTUNE_PROJECT environment variable is set, this command overrides the environment variable.

--update (Optional) Updates the notebook in Neptune by adding a new checkpoint to it.

If the notebook is known to Neptune, it will be updated. In this case, you do not need to use this flag.


neptune notebook sync --project ml-team/ner model_tuning.ipynb

Uploading the same notebook file as a new notebook in Neptune:

neptune notebook sync --project ml-team/ner model_tuning.ipynb --update