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View Jupyter notebooks in Neptune#

Not actively maintained

We do not currently maintain the Neptune-Jupyter extension. We have plans of rebuilding it in the future.

Existing users can still use the current version, with the following caveats:

  • You need to be on version 0.16.x or below of the old Neptune client library called neptune-client. You cannot use this extension with version 1.x of neptune-client or neptune.
  • We deprecated part of the feature that associates notebook checkpoints with runs. As such, the Activate button in the extension toolbar currently serves no purpose.
  • (If using JupyterLab) Only works with version 3.x or below of JupyterLab.

Comparing Jupyter notebooks in the Neptune app

The Notebooks tab shows all the notebooks which have been uploaded to the current project.

When you select a notebook, two tabs appear on the right:

  • Details: Contains the ID, size, creation date, latest checkpoint, owner, description, and associated runs of the selected notebook.
  • Checkpoints: Shows all the checkpoints of the notebook.

    Click a checkpoint to see the details in the main pane.

Comparing notebooks#

To see changes between notebook versions as a diff view:

  1. In the Notebooks tab, click Compare.
  2. Select which notebooks to compare against each other.

    You can select the same notebook and choose different checkpoints.


To find all notebook checkpoints connected with a specific Neptune run:

In the run view, navigate to Source codeNotebook snapshot.

See example in Neptune  Code example