organize MLflow experiments in Neptune

Neptune-mlflow is an open source project curated by Neptune team, that integrates MLflow with Neptune to let you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy tracking and reproducibility of MLflow with organization and collaboration of Neptune.

With Neptune-mlflow you can have your MLflow experiment runs hosted in Neptune.

Check example project in Neptune: MLflow integration.



pip install neptune-mlflow

Sync your MLruns with Neptune

Navigate to your MLflow project in your directory and run:

neptune mlflow --project USER_NAME/PROJECT_NAME

Alternatively you can point to MLflow project directory:

neptune mlflow /PATH/TO/MLflow_PROJECT --project USER_NAME/PROJECT_NAME


That’s it! You can now browse and collaborate on your MLflow runs in Neptune.

Organize your mlflow experiments

organize MLflow experiments in Neptune

Share you work with others

share artifacts logged during MLflow run


If you find yourself in any trouble drop an issue or talk to us directly on the support chat.