organize TensorBoard experiments in Neptune

Neptune-TensorBoard is an open source project curated by Neptune team, that integrates TensorBoard with Neptune to let you get the best of both worlds. We support two major use cases:

  1. With Neptune-TensorBoard you can have your TensorBoard visualizations hosted in Neptune (see example: TensorBoard runs comparison).

  2. You can use neptune.integrate_with_tensorflow() method to instantly log major metrics (epoch and batch related) to Neptune (see example: Integrate with TensorBoard logging).

Check example project in Neptune: TensorBoard project.



pip install neptune-tensorboard

Sync TensorBoard logdir with Neptune

Point Neptune to your TensorBoard logs directory:

neptune tensorboard /PATH/TO/TensorBoard_logdir --project USER_NAME/PROJECT_NAME


That’s it! You can now browse and collaborate on your TensorBoard runs in Neptune.

You can now organize your TensorBoard experiments:

organize TensorBoard experiments in Neptune

and compare your TensorBoard runs,

compare TensorBoard runs in Neptune

and share your work with others by sending an experiment link.


If you find yourself in any trouble drop an issue or talk to us directly on the support chat.