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What Neptune logs automatically#

By default, Neptune runs track some metadata and system information automatically.

Source code#

The following is logged in the source_code namespace:

  • entrypoint: filename of the script you executed, like
  • files: the content of the script you executed
How to disable

To turn off logging of source code, pass an empty list to the source_files argument of the init_run() method:

run = neptune.init_run(

Note: Git information will still be logged.

Git information#

If you have Git initialized in your project directory, Neptune extracts the following information from the .git directory:

  • Dirty: whether the working tree had local changes that had not been committed to the current branch.
  • Commit message: what the commit message was.
  • Commit ID: Git SHA-1 value of the commit.
  • Commit author: the author of the last commit.
  • Commit date: the date of the last commit.
  • Current branch: what is the current Git branch.
  • Remotes: list of Git remotes your local .git is connected to.

The Git data is logged under the source_code/git namespace.

System information#

The "sys" namespace contains system information and some basic metadata about initialized Neptune objects, such as their identifier (ID), running time, and size.

Some of the fields in this namespace can be edited manually – for example, name, description, tags, and stage.

For details, see API referenceSystem namespace overview

Hardware consumption#

The following system metrics are logged in the monitoring namespace:

  • cpu: total CPU consumption of your machine (percentage)
  • memory: total memory consumption of your machine (GB)
  • gpu: GPU consumption of your machine
  • gpu_memory: GPU memory consumption of your machine
How to disable

To turn off logging of hardware consumption, set capture_hardware_metrics to False when starting a run:

run = neptune.init_run(capture_hardware_metrics=False)

Console logs#

Console logs (or standard streams) are also logged in the monitoring namespace:

  • stderr: standard error stream from your console
  • stdout: standard output stream from your console
How to disable

To turn off logging of standard streams, use one or both of the following parameters with init_run():

run = neptune.init_run(