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Set custom run name#

To title a new experiment, pass a string to the name argument of the init_run() function.

Name a new run
import neptune

run = neptune.init_run(name="badger-lily")

The custom name is stored in the sys/name field. It can function as a human-readable ID for the run.

Displaying the custom name#

To display the custom name in the table view, add the sys/name field:

  1. Click Add column.
  2. Select the sys/name field.
  3. To show the name in chart legends:

    On the Name column that appears, click the icon on the column and select Pin column.

Pinning a column in the runs table

Editing the name#

In the app#

You can edit the name of an existing run directly in the Neptune app.

Run menu in Neptune app

  1. Open the run menu () next to the ID and select Show run information.
  2. In the Name box, enter a custom name.
  3. To save the name, click the check mark ().

Via the API#

To edit the name of an existing run, assign a new string to the sys/name field.

Add or change name for existing run
import neptune

run = neptune.init_run(with_id="NLI-8")
run["sys/name"] = "anteater-daisy"