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Automatic tracking of dependencies#

Unreleased feature

This feature is available on the master branch of neptune-client , but not yet released.

You can use the dependencies argument of the init_run() function to track environment dependencies, as specified in for example a requirements.txt file.

If you pass "infer" as the value, Neptune uses the pipreqs library to determine what to upload.

Let Neptune infer the requirements
run = neptune.init_run(dependencies="infer")

You can also pass a path to your dependency file manually:

Specifying the path
run = neptune.init_run(dependencies="path/to/file")
Note for Jupyter Notebooks

Neptune does not track libraries imported in notebook code cells.

To track dependencies from an .ipynb file, a separate dependency file must be present. Pass the file path to the dependencies argument, as shown above.

If you omit the dependencies argument or leave it empty, Neptune doesn't track any dependencies.