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Log interactive charts and visualizations#

You can log plots and charts, such as Matplotlib, Altair, Bokeh, and Plotly figures, as HTML objects and render them as interactive visualizations.

See examples in Neptune 

Logging Matplotlib figures#

By default, Neptune logs Matplotlib figures as static images.

You can use File.as_html() to log the figure as an interactive visualization instead.

from neptune.types import File

fig = ...

See in Neptune 

For a more detailed example, see Matplotlib integration guide.

Plotly incompatibility

Plotly is not compatible with the latest Matplotlib (3.5.0+) due to the fact that mpl_to_plotly() uses deprecated Matplotlib functionalities.

To use Plotly together with Matplotlib, you may need to downgrade your Matplotlib version to <3.5. For more information, see Plotly issue 1568 and issue 3624 on GitHub.

Logging Altair, Bokeh, and Plotly figures#

You can upload figures from these graphing libraries as any other file:

fig = ...  # Altair chart

For a more detailed example, see Altair integration guide.

fig = ...  # Bokeh chart

For a more detailed example, see Bokeh integration guide.

fig = ...  # Plotly chart

Example of how to log a 3D point cloud created using Plotly to Neptune: Open Neptune app ≫

For a more detailed example, see Plotly integration guide.