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Archive a project#

Archiving projects is a feature of the new pricing model. You can't archive projects on the academia plan or on plans that are based on logging hours.

If you no longer want a project to be active, you can archive it. This means:

  • You cannot add or modify metadata to the project unless you unarchive it.
  • All of the metadata contained within the project will remain accessible via API in read-only mode.
Fetching metadata in read-only mode
import neptune

run = neptune.init_run(


Unarchiving a project#

If your quota of active projects allows it, you can unarchive a project. Once it's reactivated, you can log to it normally.

  • Your maximum number of simultaneously active projects is managed by your workspace admin. If your limit is reached, you need to increase the quota of active projects, or archive another project first.
  • Free (individual) accounts are always limited to one active project at a time.