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Change project privacy#

Project owners can change the privacy (or visibility) level of the project.

  1. In your project view, click the menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Edit project details.

    Finding project details

  3. Under Project privacy, choose a new setting.

    Note: If the Public option is unavailable, a workspace admin has not enabled the creation of public projects for the workspace.

  4. To finish, click Save changes.

Changing from workspace visibility to private#

When a project's privacy is set to "workspace", all workspace members receive the owner role for the project.

If you change the visibility to "private", members will retain their owner role, but you can manually remove their access or change their roles.

Note on plans

On plans without project-level access control, private projects (accessible only to some workspace members) are not available. You need to set the privacy to "workspace" or "public".