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Inviting people to your workspace or project#

You can invite people to your workspace and then assign users to your projects.

Look for People in the setting menus.

Inviting to workspace#

You can invite people or create service accounts through the workspace menu.

  1. In the top-left corner, click the workspace name to expand the menu.
  2. Select People.

Workspace menu expanded

Neptune can find any registered user based on their email or username.

You can grant invitees access to all workspace projects at once, or grant access per project.

To grant access to a specific project, head to that project's settings (see the section below).


You can only collaborate on private projects in a Team workspace.

Inviting to workspace programmatically#

You can use the invite_to_workspace() function to invite users to your workspace via the Neptune API.

>>> from neptune import management
>>> management.invite_to_workspace(
...     username="jackie",
...     workspace="ml-team",
...     role="admin",
... )

Inviting to project#

You can assign people or service accounts through the project settings menu.

  1. In the top-right corner, click the settings menu ()
  2. Select People.

Workspace menu expanded

Only project owners can assign users to the project.

Inviting to project programmatically#

To assign users or service accounts to your project via the Neptune API, use the following functions from the management package:

Add user to project
>>> from neptune import management
>>> management.add_project_member(
...     project="ml-team/classification", username="jackie", role="contributor"
... )
Add service account to project
>>> from neptune import management
>>> management.add_project_service_account(
...     project="ml-team/classification",
...     service_account_name="cicd@ml-team",
...     role="contributor",
... )