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User roles overview#

Roles are configured separately for workspaces and projects.


Roles in a workspace#

Workspace roles apply only to team workspaces.

You can access workspace settings by clicking the workspace name in the top-left corner.

Summary of workspace permissions:

Permission Admin Member
Managing subscription (including invoice data) yes no
Managing workspace members yes no
Creating projects yes yes
Deleting projects yes no
Disabling creation of public projects yes no

An admin of a workspace is also the owner of all projects and can grant ownership to anyone in the workspace.

Roles in a project#

Summary of project permissions:

Permission Owner Contributor Viewer
Viewing project content yes yes yes
Editing project content yes yes no
Viewing project members yes yes yes
Editing project members yes no no
Viewing or editing project settings and properties yes no no
  • Content permissions: executing runs, creating notebooks, and modifying previously stored data.
  • Member permissions: inviting project members and changing their roles.
    • Project owners can grant project ownership to anyone in the workspace.
  • Project permissions: setting the visibility of the project (private, public, or workspace).