Simple configuration wizard lets you to setup your work with Neptune.

Step 1

Click Configure button (if you cannot see it, just hit F5).


Step 2

You see Configure connection to Neptune. Paste API Token first, then select project:

  • API Token - take one from your account. Check this, if you do not know where API Token is located. This field is validated automatically.

  • Select project - pick one from the drop down list.

  • Click Create notebook.


Your API Token is private and unique. Never share it. It’s like sharing password.

image image image


Success! You just created new notebook with first checkpoint in the project you selected.

Step 3

  • You can use this link at the top, to go directly to this notebook in Neptune.

  • Click Integrate button to run environment variables export. It allows Neptune to checkpoint your work correctly. Moreover, you will be able to run Neptune experiments directly from notebook.



Re-run Integrate each time you reset or restart your kernel.