Typical problems with notebooks, together with their solutions are listed here.

I can’t see ‘configure’ button. What to do?

Make sure to install notebook extension:

pip install neptune-notebooks

then enable extension for your Jupyter:

jupyter nbextension enable --py neptune-notebooks

Don’t forget to install Neptune client:

pip install neptune-client

How to enable notebook extension in my jupyter?

Enable extension for your jupyter:

jupyter nbextension enable --py neptune-notebooks

I do not know where my notebook was uploaded. How to check it?

  1. Click on the n button in your jupyter menu.

  2. Click on Checkpoint.

  3. Bottom drop-down is your current project.


  1. Log in to neptune.

  2. Click on your avatar (top-right part of the screen) and select Get API Token


My integration does not work, but it worked well previously. What do to?

Most likely, you restarted kernel. Here is a solution:

  1. Go to configuration (n button).

  2. Click Integrate.