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Self-hosted Neptune#

Neptune can be self-hosted.

You can deploy Neptune on your own infrastructure (on-premises) or in a private cloud, either in a Kubernetes cluster or in a virtual machine that runs a Kubernetes cluster underneath the hood.


Latest: Neptune 2.4.3 (Jan 2024)

Date Version Changes and highlights
Dec 2023   2.4 This release brings the new UI to on-prem. It includes the fresh look and all recently released web app features, such as scatter plot widgets, improved runs table search, keyboard shortcuts, distraction-free mode, and enhanced source-code display.
Mar 2023   2.3 New features include service accounts, the redesigned image gallery, metadata tree search, and the ability to register a model directly through the web app (see the Product Portal for more). Also adds support for the 1.x version of the Neptune Python client library.
Jul 2022   2.2 Model registry, interactive table widget, redesigned custom views, improved legend in comparison charts, and ability to disable public projects.

For more details on the features included with each release, see the Product portal .


See the pricing page on the Neptune website for detailed plan information.

If you're interested in a custom plan, contact us at

If you need deployment instructions for the old 2.2.4 version, see Neptune: installation guide (PDF) .