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Add users to self-hosted Neptune#

You can register new users manually through the Keycloak administration console.

Alternatively, if your organization uses LDAP, you can import users from there.

Registering users in Keycloak#

Adding users manually#

To add new users, you must be logged in as administrator.

To create a new user:

  1. In the left sidebar, navigate to Manage → Users.
  2. Select Add user.
  3. (required) Enter a username and the user's email address.
  4. (optional but recommended) Enter the user's first and last names.
  5. Set Email Verified to ON.
  6. To finish, click Save.

You can now set a password for the newly created user.

  1. Navigate to the Credentials tab.
  2. Enter a password in both Password boxes.
  3. If the Temporary setting is ON, the user will be asked to change their password upon first login.
  4. Click Set Password.


You can now communicate the login credentials (username and password) to the user.

After the new user has logged in, you can go to your workspace settings and add the new user as a member.

Importing users from LDAP#

To integrate Keycloak with your LDAP instance, go to


After configuring the form, your users will be able to log in to Neptune with LDAP credentials.

To use LDAP configuration as a source for a user list:

  • Set Import Users to ON.
  • Set Edit Mode to READ_ONLY.
  • Set Trust Email to ON.
  • Set Username LDAP attribute to something short that easily identifies a particular person (it will be used as the username).

Once you’re done with the LDAP configuration in Keycloak, click Save.

Next, navigate to the Mappers tab and inspect the default mappers. Each points to a particular LDAP attribute. This attribute must exist for every user, or they won't be able to log in.

Adding users to a workspace#

After the new user has logged in, you can go to your workspace settings and add the new user as a member.

Inviting a user in the Neptune app#

  1. Go to Neptune:

  2. Navigate to the workspace settings and select People.

  3. In the input box, enter the username or email address of the person to invite.
  4. From the role dropdown menu, select a workspace role for the user.
    • Admins have full configuration rights to the workspace and will automatically have the Owner role in any created projects.
    • Members have access according to permission levels set for each project.
  5. To add a member to all current projects, check the Add to all projects box.

    This grants the member Contributor access to all existing projects. They won't automatically be assigned to new projects that are created later.

  6. To finish, click Invite.