Exploring Experiment ViewΒΆ

Click a line in the experiments table to see details of that experiment.

Single experiment

Inside the experiment, there are tabs in the left sidebar. Each displays specific content that is logged to Neptune for the specific experiment. Each tab has a unique URL.

  • Charts: All metrics (numeric type of data) are visualized as charts.

  • Logs: Logs are data that can be logged or tracked to the experiment. There are multiple types: Numeric, text, and images.

  • Monitoring: Displays information about utilization of the memory, CPU and GPU, as well as stdout and stderr.

  • Artifacts: Displays files uploaded to the experiment.

  • Source code: Displays sources uploaded to the experiment.

  • Parameters: Displays parameters uploaded to the experiment during experiment creation.

  • Details: Displays additional metadata information.

For more information about the experiment data that is logged, see Logging to Neptune.