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Upgrade the Neptune client library#

neptune 1.0 is released

We've released a major version of the Neptune client library. To see all the changes and detailed instructions, see the neptune 1.0 upgrade guide.

Upgrading with neptune-client already installed

Important: To smoothly upgrade to the 1.0 version of the Neptune client library, first uninstall the neptune-client library and then install neptune.

Step 1
pip uninstall neptune-client
Step 2
pip install neptune

Upgrading preinstalled neptune to higher version#

pip install -U neptune
conda update -c conda-forge neptune

Checking your current version#

To determine your currently installed version of Neptune:

pip show neptune
conda list | grep neptune

Software requirements#

Software Version Website
Python 3.7+
pip or conda -


RuntimeError: Both packages installed#

If you installed the neptune package on top of a previous installation of neptune-client, the Neptune client library will not work properly.

In this case, uninstall neptune-client and then reinstall neptune:

pip uninstall neptune-client
pip install --force-reinstall neptune

Downgrading to neptune-client<1.x with neptune installed#

If you already installed the neptune package but want to revert to neptune-client, you need to first uninstall neptune and then reinstall the 0.16.18 version of the neptune-client package.

pip uninstall neptune
pip install --force-reinstall neptune-client==0.16.18