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Working with Deepnote#

To track runs and log metadata to Neptune, take the following steps in your Deepnote environment:

Set up your API token#

To add an environment variable integration for your Neptune API token:

  1. In Deepnote, select Integrations.
  2. Create a new Environment variables integration.
  3. Set the key to NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN and the value to your Neptune API token.

    How do I find my API token?

    In the top-right corner of the Neptune app, click your avatar and select Get your API token.

    You can copy your token from the dialog that opens. It's very long – make sure to copy and paste it in full!

  4. Save the environment variable.

Install Neptune#

pip install neptune-client
! pip install neptune-client

You can now use Neptune with your model-training code.