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View Jupyter notebooks in Neptune#

Comparing Jupyter notebooks in the Neptune app

The Notebooks tab shows all the notebooks which have been uploaded to the current project.

When you select a notebook, two tabs appear on the right:

  • Details: Contains the ID, size, creation date, latest checkpoint, owner, description, and associated runs of the selected notebook.
  • Checkpoints: Shows all the checkpoints of the notebook.
    • Click a checkpoint to see the details in the main pane.

Comparing notebooks#

To see changes between notebook versions as a diff view:

  1. In the Notebooks tab, click Compare.
  2. Select which notebooks to compare against each other.
    • You can select the same notebook and choose different checkpoints.


To find all notebook checkpoints connected with a specific Neptune run:

In the run view, navigate to Source codeNotebook snapshot.

See example in Neptune  Code example