Float attribute value malformed
ERROR: Error occurred during asynchronous operation processing: Value of float attribute cannot be malformed.
Issue: A value you are trying to log is malformed or unsupported. Note that Neptune does not support Inf or NaN values.
Workaround: Use a supported value type.
In the case of the math.inf Python constant, you can store it as a string:
import neptune.new as neptune
run = neptune.init_run()
value = math.inf
run["n"] = str(value) if math.isinf(value) else value
# When fetching
value = float(run["n"].fetch())
If you're logging a series of values, you can add a check to filter out Inf and NaN values:
values = [...]
for v in values:
if not math.isinf(v) and not math.isnan(v):
Tip: To help locate the problem in your code, try initializing Neptune in synchronous mode:
run = neptune.init(
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