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Add tags#

Tags make it easier to identify and organize your runs and models.

Adding tags in the app#

In the table view, click inside the Tags column to edit the tags.

  • To edit the tags of multiple objects at once, select them in the table and click Manage tags in the upper right.
  • While viewing a single run or model object, you can modify the tags in the Information view.

Adding tags through the API#

Tags are stored in the sys/tags field, which is of the type StringSet. Use the add() method to add entries:

run["sys/tags"].add(["maskRCNN", "prod_v2.0.1"])
run["sys/tags"].add("finetune")  # adds "finetune" to the list of tags

model_version["sys/tags"].add(["pretrained", "prod_v2.0.3"])

Tip (for runs only)

Pass a list of tags to the tags argument at initialization:

run = neptune.init_run(tags=["maskRCNN", "finetune", "prod_v2.0.1"])

You can also include emoji in tags:

run["sys/tags"].add("best 🏆")


When fetching the runs table, you can filter the results by tag. You can also fetch the tags of a run or other object as a list.

For details, see Query metadata from Neptune.