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Download metadata from the Neptune web app#

You can download or export the following data through the Neptune web application:

  • Runs table view as CSV
  • Metrics (series of values) as CSV
  • Source code and system metrics
  • Any logged files
  • Visualizations and charts

In the run and comparison views, look for the download icon ().

How can I use the downloaded metadata?

You might want to download metadata, for example, in order to:

  • Build custom analyses or visualizations based on run data
  • Use a saved model checkpoint elsewhere
  • Get the source code of a run and execute it again
  • Build a report that uses data across projects
  • Archive an old project

Exporting the runs table view as CSV#

  1. In the Custom view dropdown, make sure that the runs table view you want to export is selected.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the export icon ().

See also: API referencefetch_runs_table()

Downloading visualizations and files#

In the run and comparison views, you can:

  • Download anything that you uploaded, such as source code, model checkpoints, images, and other files.
  • Download metrics or data that Neptune has visualized for you. This includes graphs of system metrics and custom widgets you have created.

To export or download something, look for the download icon () on the widget.


If you want to fetch metadata in bulk (for example, across an entire workspace, or metadata logged under a particular field for multiple objects at once), you can use the Neptune API.

For details, see Query metadata from Neptune.