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Edit name or description#

Run information view in the Neptune app

You can modify the name, description, and tags of any run or model object in the Information view. This is a way to annotate or add comments to your runs or other Neptune objects.

The text behaves like any other string field, so you can filter and search by them.

To edit the details in the web app:

  1. Next to the run ID, click the run menu ( ) and select Run information.

    Accessing run information

  2. Edit the information as needed.

  3. When you're done, click the check mark ().

Edit information via API#

New run#

Pass the name and description as arguments when initializing a new run or model object:

run = neptune.init_run(name="blobfish-candytuft", description="My run description")

Existing run#

To overwrite the name or description, access the sys/name or sys/description field, respectively:

import neptune

run = neptune.init_run(with_id="NLI-8")

run["sys/name"] = "armadillo-buttercup"
run["sys/description"] = "A different description of the experiment"

Editing the sys fields also works for new runs.

Show custom name in table or legend#

To display the custom name in the table view and chart legends, add and pin the sys/name field:

  1. Click Add column.
  2. Select the sys/name field.
  3. On the Name column that appears, click the icon on the column and select Pin column.

Pinning a column in the experiments table