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Get the Neptune ID#

Runs and other Neptune objects are automatically assigned an identifier (ID) based on the project key.

Example: If your project key is NER, the 5th run logged to the project has the ID NER-5.

The Neptune ID is displayed in the leftmost column of the table views.

Where the Neptune ID is displayed in the app

You can copy the ID to your clipboard from the Run information view. To access it, click the menu next to the run ID () and select Show run information.

Fetching ID through API#

You can obtain the ID of any active object by calling fetch() on its sys/id field:

>>> import neptune
>>> run = neptune.init_run(project="ml-team/named-entity-recognition")
>>> run["sys/id"].fetch()
>>> model = neptune.init_model(key="FOREST")
>>> model["sys/id"].fetch()