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How to use Neptune with GitHub Actions#

To leverage Neptune as part of a GitHub Action, take the following steps:

  1. Set your Neptune API token as an environment variable by creating an encrypted secret for your GitHub repository:

    1. In your GitHub repository, go to SettingsSecretsNew repository secret.
    2. In the Name input box, enter NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN.
    3. Enter your Neptune API token as the value.

      How do I find my API token?

      In the bottom-left corner of the Neptune app, open the user menu and select Get your API token.

      You can copy your token from the dialog that opens. It's very long – make sure to copy and paste it in full!

    4. Click Add secret.


    You can also add your Neptune project name (NEPTUNE_PROJECT) and other variables. For details, see Environment variables.

  2. Add the Neptune client library to your dependencies:

    In your workflow YAML file under .github/workflows/, add a Neptune installation command to the run: option:

    name: neptune-example
    on: [push]
        runs-on: ubuntu-latest
          NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN }}
          - uses: actions/checkout@v2
          - uses: actions/setup-python@v2
              python-version: 3.8
          - name: Install dependencies
            run: pip install neptune
          - name: Run your Python script
            run: python ../

    or if you use a requirements.txt file for your dependencies, add neptune:

  3. To use Neptune in your Python script:

    # Import Neptune
    import neptune
    # Initialize the Neptune objects you need
    run = neptune.init_run(
        api_token=os.getenv("NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN"),  # get from your repo secret
        project="workspace-name/project-name",  # replace with your own
    # Define and log metadata
    PARAMS = {
        "batch_size": 64,
        "dropout": 0.2,
        "learning_rate": 0.001,
        "optimizer": "Adam",
    run["parameters"] = PARAMS

Find example jobs in the neptune-ai/autopmation-pipelines repo:

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