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Log in to Neptune with SSO#

You can use a third-party account for authentication (Single Sign-On) when logging in to Neptune, provided that the email address used for each account is the same.


If you are already logged in to Neptune, log out before proceeding.

  1. Go to
  2. Select one of the alternative login methods:

    1. Google, GitHub, or Microsoft.
    2. If SSO has been set up for your workspace (see SSO/LDAP integration), select SSO and enter the Neptune workspace name.
  3. Log in to the third-party account and authorize Neptune to access it.

  4. If you have a Neptune account registered with the email address used for the third-party account, you now have the option to link the accounts.
    • If the email is correct, click Add to existing account.
    • If you want to link the login method to another Neptune account instead, click Review profile and enter a different email to use.
    • If there is no Neptune account associated with the email, you'll be taken to registration.
  5. To finish linking the accounts, click the confirmation link in the email sent from Neptune.

SSO/LDAP integration#

Customized SSO/LDAP integration is available on custom subscription plans and for the self-hosted (on-prem) version of Neptune.

Once you've set up the integration with your Identity Provider, members can log in to the Neptune workspace using the SSO option. To get started, contact support.

Neptune supports Okta and Google out of the box. For other Identity Providers, contact us at

Getting help#

If you need help with changing your email or login methods, email us at or send us a chat message.