Comparing runs

Neptune lets you compare runs using in-depth analysis in the specialized view. Simply select them, by clicking on the eye icon:

Then click on the compare runs panel on the most-left side at the bottom:

Overlaid charts

In the comparison view, all metrics with the same name are placed on a single chart with one curve per run. When hovering with the mouse over a particular area, the values for the selected metrics are displayed below:


Another option is to compare details of the runs in the table form.

Each column represents one run and each row represents a single property and the data associated with it.

This table has a few useful features:

  • You can tick “show diff only” to show only the rows where the metrics, parameters and other run properties are different.

  • You can tick “show cell changes” to highlight where the metrics (or other properties) went up or down

  • You can change the reference run (to which the “show cell changes” refers to) by pinning a different run.