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Compare images between runs#

You can compare images between selected runs, for example, to compare custom metrics logged as images.

  1. In the runs table, use the eye icon () to select runs for comparison.
  2. Select Compare runs.
Comparing image series across runs

You can compare single uploads across runs, but it's not yet possible to compare image series between multiple runs in the same view.

Learn more: Logging images

Using the Images tab#

This section displays any metadata that Neptune detects as images.

See example in Neptune 

To populate the example view, go to the runs table to select runs to compare.

Using a custom dashboard#

To have more information and context in a single view, create a custom dashboard.

  1. Click New dashboard.
  2. Add the Single image comparison widget.
  3. Select the field where the image is logged.

Add additional widgets as desired, then save your dashboard.